“When I look at myself, I don’t see how I can be saved. But when I look at Jesus I don’t see how I can be lost.”—unknown

Who is God to us? He is our Compassionate Creator, our Merciful Master, our Heavenly Husband, our Faithful Father, our Benevolent Brother, our Selfless Shepherd, and He is our Perfect Potter. He is the One who makes beautiful vessels from the marred, messed up clay of our lives. He does not make junk! He makes perfect vessels of holiness. At times, we are crushed by the condemnation of our own frailties and defects of character. We sometimes wonder, Will I ever be a fit vessel for the Perfect Potter? But as we continue to place our lives in the patience hands of the Divine Potter, day-by-day and moment-by-moment, He will finish the work in us, so that He can finish the work through us! $15